That Personal Touch 

Orba Personal is just that, the Division within Orba Travel Brokers that provides the experience and know-how to truly personalise your holiday.

Travel today is about “Experiential Travel”.  It is not enough to provide an airline ticket and an accommodation voucher. Our travellers are demanding more, they want to experience culture, people, history and even feelings. We’ll go one step further – so you do as well!
A true story as to why you should use a Travel Agent like Orba Travel Brokers
A fascinating but crazy, true story from a Shuttle Express driver (Barry from Melbourne, Florida).  He recently encountered an elderly Asian-looking gentleman wandering around this small, Florida airport.  When Barry asked him if he needed help, the man said in broken English that he had just looked outside the window, and it didn’t look like Australia.

Turns out the man had actually flown from Japan, made a connection through Atlanta on his Delta flight and re-boarded for Melbourne Florida, all the while not realising he was headed to the wrong Melbourne. He had booked MLB rather than MEL and only realized he was in the wrong town upon landing in Florida!

In the old days of travel agents booking everyone's flights and accommodation, this  would have been pretty hard to accomplish.

We’d like to pretend that the elderly Japanese man was unique.  But there are lots of stories of similar misunderstandings (often London in Canada compared to London in UK) and even ones where similar sounding names caused confusion (Oakland, CA and Auckland, NZ).

Premium Experiences

Orba Personal Consultants can immerse our clients in a true travel experience, can provide access to unbelievable activities, show-stopping events and once-in –a-lifetime occasions.

Personalised Experiences

We have the contacts and, more importantly, the first-hand knowledge, to differentiate your next holiday from those you’ve undertaken in the past or those taken by your friends.

Richard van Kempen

Managing Director

Richard, together with his wife Linda, founded Orba Travel Brokers on July 1, 1990. Richard is a former CPA, is a qualified Teacher and is the Western Australian Council Member for the Helloworld for Business Group. He believes in dealing with our customers in a completely transparent manner, pioneering secure online access for our clients to their own travel data within our mid-office systems. Richard also practices a belief that in business, no-one wins in any relationship unless our suppliers, our customers and Orba Travel Brokers collectively gain from a mutual three way relationship.


You could be next in line to join our amazing team. Blah bahl

Linda van Kempen

Linda has been with Orba Travel Brokers since we opened our doors. A Director of the Company, Linda works in our Personal Travel area, and works hard to provide her clients with those travel experiences you can only dream about.

June Siddique

Another of our Personal Travel experts, June has been with Orba Travel Brokers since March 2004, having commenced in the industry, in Adelaide, in 1965. Providing ‘old fashioned’ service, combined with new-age technical skills, June takes pride and pleasure in providing her clients with those once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Let Richard, Linda or June be your guide

"Let us guide you in the planning and execution of the holiday that you’ll always remember"